The best cloud based surveillance system for businesses.

an ip camera cloud recording system to help you manage your business from anywhere.

MultiSight powers leading brands around the world

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Leave your outdated surveillance system behind

The latest in analytics

qq玩幸运飞艇的群multisight lets you monitor trends in your stores over time, no matter where you are.

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Loss prevention made easy

qq玩幸运飞艇的群empower your lp team with mobile access to video. with unlimited cloud storage, easily save and share evidence of theft, fraud, and other security incidents.

Fits companies of all sizes

MultiSight grows with you. Easily add unlimited users and locations with MultiSight Administration

Everything's Included

qq玩幸运飞艇的群we manage every detail from start to finish. $0 up front; you pay just a low monthly fee

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What's Included with MultiSight

Apps & Analytics

qq玩幸运飞艇的群check all of your stores anywhere, anytime with the tap of a button. use analytics information to gain real time insights into your business.

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Equipment and Installation

qq玩幸运飞艇的群a compact cloud based surveillance system, beautifully designed and professionally installed. updates are automatic and seamless.

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Support & Health Monitoring

support, maintenance, and updates are included. we monitor your system health for you, so you're always up and running.

What our customers are saying

  • pizza

    “we started using multisight in a one-store test and were ecstatic when we saw a 15% increase in revenue shortly after the system was installed. we’ve been able to better supervise employees and use the system to help in training.”

    –Brandon Price, District Manager, sweetFrog
  • pizza

    “multisight is like having another set of eyes in all our restaurants...i can view the kitchen, the cash registers, or the dining room across every location and check on productivity, guest service, and business levels. ”

    –Matt Adams, Director of Operations,Round Table Pizza
  • boyett petroleum

    qq玩幸运飞艇的群 “i've looked at more video in the past 3 weeks than i have in the past 3 years and every time i do i see something different that needs attention ”

    –Scott Castle, VP of Retail Operations, Boyett Petroleum
  • petland store

    “we chose multisight not just for the video quality, but for the built-in business analytics that bring real value to our business. ”

    –Lisa Johnson, VP of Finance, CFO, Petland
  • milano blast pizza

    qq玩幸运飞艇的群 “multisight lets us instantly add or remove user access to any store. video has helped us tighten up operations and improve customer service.”

    –A. Thomas Ferdinandi, COO, Milano Restaurants International

7 Hidden Costs of Video Surveillance Systems

the costs no one wants to mention

The MultiSight Difference

qq玩幸运飞艇的群 multisight can help your organization grow

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Cutting Edge Hardware

qq玩幸运飞艇的群 hd cameras, secure gateway, & unlimited cloud storage

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